Rhinemont Academy is a new academy for education in media, film, storytelling, creative communication and media entrepreneurship


  • innovative and inspiring education
  • focused on creativity and experiment
  • creating meaningful stories
  • work with audiovisual media technology

To work on your future in Audiovisual Media, Film, Storytelling and Creative Communication, you can attend:

  • Medialabs
  • Programs
  • Masterclasses
  • TalentLabs
  • Courses

Rhinemont Academy is more than just its courses and program, but is a school of thought that immerses you in story.

In today’s workplace, storytelling is increasing demand. At Rhinemont Academy, you’ll develop a fluency in what we call “Visual Language.” We think of storytelling as a whole new language that can take your creativity to the next level and give you the competitive edge in today’s creative economy.

If you’re ready to dig deep, uncover universal truths and live and breathe story, come join us. The world needs compelling stories

Rhinemont Academy   | info@rhinemont.com